Troy’s Letter: March 22, 2010

22 03 2010

Hey it was good to hear from you all again.  I loved getting the emails.  It was good to hear from Joel and Grandma, too.  So…we had another awesome week together—it’s so nice having a Latin comp—h aha.  And  yes,  I’m going to send pictures.  I just bought something to hook up my memory card to the computer, so I will try to send some pictures after I finish this letter.   Yes, you can send something small for Easter—ties would be nice.  My zone leaders who are going home (we call it dying) from my first change left me this sweet brown suit—haha, so now I have three suits.  Awesome!

Something cool happened this week was when we did interchanges.  My district leader is training right now, and he thought that I spoke well enough that he could go with my companion and I could take his trainee (son) who had just arrived in Chile (born) on interchanges.  So, on Saturday I took Elder Yost with me.  He knows absolutely no Spanish.  I had to talk with everyone, teach all of the lessons, and make all of our calls—absolutely everything.  The awesome thing was that it was easy!  I loved it.  I felt so easy and comfortable talking to the people; we even had an awesome day.  We found a sweet new family and had a baptismal date with them on our first lesson.  I also taught the plan of salvation to an old lady, Emma Mendez, who is going to get baptized on the 10th of April.  That was my favorite day of the week.  I could actually see how far I’ve progressed in the language and have learned how to be a missionary.  People are always complimenting me on how well I speak for two months.  I feel so blessed.  I can see how the hard work is paying off.  Every morning I’m still waking up at 6:00 or 6:30 a.m. to practice my pronunciation and vocab.

Besides that, we had a pretty eventful week as well.  Some of my favorite lessons are with a guy named Carlos.  He has the strangest religion ever—he believes that everything on Earth was genetically created by aliens and that every prophet and religious leader are messengers of “our creators.”  It’s really hard to teach because he just accepts every belief as correct.  We always have a good laugh after the lesson—haha.  Another time, we entered the house of this lady we were teaching.  She was acting weird but we didn’t know why.  She asked us if we wanted some water and we said sure.  She served us a drink that we thought was water.  We tried it and found out that it was clear wine—haha.  We were like—ummm…this isn’t water.  It turned out she was so drunk she thought she was serving us water.  She got really embarrassed and then mad at us. Needless to say, we are not going to continue working with her.  I told Elder Blood and Elder Ellis the story.  They now call me Elder Tipsy—haha.

All of our investigators are doing really well.  Marta and Juan are getting married in a month and a half, which is during next change (transfer).  I am praying that I can stay in Valparíso for the next change as well, to see their baptism.  Cristina and Raul are unreal.  They are doing everything to get baptized, but Raul still has to get all this paperwork going in order to get married.  They should get baptized during the next change as well.  Elder Suazo and I are doing really well.  We have around ten people progressing towards baptism right now, which is absolutely amazing. We are thinking that they are all going to be baptized in the middle of April.  My biggest fear is that I will get transferred this change and I won’t get to see any of their baptisms.  We’ll see.  Another one of my favorite families is the Díaz family.  We call them the three ladies.  It’s a grandma and her two daughters.  They are really interested.  In fact, one of the daughters is married to a less active member, so we are hoping to get him back to church as well when she is baptized.

We did a lot of service this week.  I did some dry walling as well.  We have a good time.  Day to day life is funny.  Chileans are so lazy that it’s funny.  That’s probably why nothing ever gets replaced or reconstructed around here.  If there’s ever like a natural disaster or it’s raining or late, there’s a famous Chilean saying that makes me laugh. ¡Hay que acostarse no más!  Which pretty much means—Well there’s nothing else you can do but go to bed!—Haha.  Chileans don’t go to work if it rains or anything.  The hills here are still just absolutely ridiculous.  When we take collectivos (taxis) up the hills, I feel like I’m on the track of a rollercoaster going to the top.  The view from the top of the hills is amazing, though.  We can see way out into the sea.  We can see Viña off to the right.  It’s amazing.  There are other things that make me laugh about Chile.  There’s no such thing as a place to buy gas.  There’s just a truck that drives around and bangs on a bunch of gas cans.  If someone wants to buy gas they just yell at the truck to stop—haha.  It’s the same with people who want to sell fruit, like melons or something.  They just walk around the streets with their melon bags yelling, “Melons!  Melons!  Melons!”  It’s so funny.  Well I’m going to send some pictures.  It was awesome to hear from all of you, and I can’t wait to hear from you next week.

I love you all.

Elder Teeples

Nombre: Elder Teeples

Compañero: Elder Suazo

Barrio/Rama: Edwards A     

Fecha: 22-3-10          

Esta carta al Presidente debe incluir los temas siguientes:

1)    ¿Como está usted y su compañero(a)?

Estamos trabajando duro todavía. Estoy aprendiendo por qué es importante tener muchos investigadores con fecha. No todas las personas con fecha van a bautizarse generalmente, y por eso estamos trabajando para encontrar más personas. Tuvimos muchas personas en la iglesia esta semana, pero solamente una con fecha. Esta semana vamos a enfocarnos en tener todas las personas con fecha en la iglesia. Me siento como Elder Suazo y yo estamos bien juntos. Estoy acostumbrado a su manera de trabajar y enseñar ahora y realmente estamos haciendo todo lo posible para ayudar a estas personas aquí. Quiero quedarme aquí el próximo cambio también. Elder Suazo y yo encontramos muchos buenos nuevos pero la mayoría de ellos serán bautizados el próximo cambio. Edwards A debe tener muchos bautismos en el mes de Abril. A mí me encanta estar acá y ayudar a estas personas.

2)    Relate una experiencia espiritual personal de la semana pasada por hablar con todos. 

Tuvimos intercambios esta semana, y a mí me tocó estar con Elder Yost, el nuevito. Durante ese día, yo aprendí muchísimo de hablar con las personas. Yo tuve que confiar en el Señor cuando estaba hablando con las personas porque no tuve un compañero el cual entendió español. Pero de todas maneras, yo traté de hablar con todos, y me fue bien. Pude entender casi todo ese día. Estaba hablando con un hombre en la calle y entramos en su casa más adelante y tuvimos una buena lección.

3)    ¿Qué ha aprendido de su lectura del Libro de Mormón?

A mí me encanta el discurso del Rey Benjamín. Yo aprendí muchísimo de su discurso y lo usé durante muchas lecciones también. Lo que aprendí básicamente, es la importancia de ser humildes. Todo lo que tenemos es de Dios, cada cosa, cada bendición es de Dios. Por eso estamos en deuda a Dios. Pero todo lo que podemos hacer para Dios es guardar los mandamientos, hacer su voluntad. Pero cuando hacemos esto, recibimos más bendiciones. Siempre vamos a estar en deuda a Dios. No tenemos una razón ser orgullos, debemos reconocer que no somos nada, y todo nuestro éxito aquí en la misión es de Dios. También debemos reconocer que todo lo que podemos hacer es confiar en Dios y someternos a su voluntad. Solamente por eso podemos encontrar la felicidad verdadera.




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