Troy’s Letter: March 15, 2010

16 03 2010

Troy's mamita...she helps the missionaries with their laundry.

Wow, I’m so excited to write you guys this week and I don’t even have that much time.  This week has been my most eventful and most blessed week of my mission.  I will send some more pictures next week; I have like twenty more to send, sorry.

So this week has been crazy.  The natural disasters just won’t stop.  We had more earthquakes on Thursday.  It was pretty interesting.  We were all having interviews with the mission president in the chapel, and the earthquakes hit.  It was so funny.  People were bolting for the hills.  They were so afraid of a tsunami.  We all ran and grabbed our cameras and each got a video of about a million Chileans freaking out.  I will have to show it to you all in two years, haha.  But anyways, that morning was pretty interesting.  Then last night when we were out doing contacts, the entire city just blacked out.  We had to make our way back to the pension, scrambled around for flashlights, and then planned our next day in the dark.  Afterwards I read Jesus the Christ and ate ice cream in the dark.  It was actually a good time, haha.  We spent like an hour or so in the dark, and then the lights came back.

My new comp is perfect for me.  His name is Elder Suazo.  He is from Honduras.  The cool thing is that he knows a ton of English as well.  He lived in the states for a while.  It’s awesome because I’m speaking only Spanish in the streets now.  If I don’t know something, he tells me what it is.  My Spanish has shot up lately.  I can communicate with pretty much anyone now, and I’m never lost during a conversation anymore.  Elder Suazo told me that I speak like I’m in my fifth or sixth change and that I am his favorite comp that he’s ever had, haha.  He is pretty cool and we get along pretty well.  The crazy thing is how much success we are having. This is his first time being senior comp.  Since he is new here, I’m pretty much senior comp.  I lead all of the planning, decide where we go, and lead the lessons.  This change has been so good for me.  I’m pretty much learning to be a senior comp in my second change.

So this week, we find out when Marta and Juan can get married.  Then they can get baptized, which I am super excited for.  I really, really hope I can see their baptism.  Juan told me he won’t get baptized if I don’t baptize him, haha.  The AWESOME thing about this week was the two new investigators  that we found—Cristina and Raul.  They are awesome.  They have the exact same situation as Marta and Juan.  They are living together, but not married.  During the first lesson with them, I straight up told them that they needed to get married because they need to get baptized.  Usually missionaries wait until the third or fourth lesson to share this.  They were like… “Whoa!  Alright, let’s do it!”  Haha!  They are so cool.  Cristina calls me Tom Cruise because I look like Tom Cruise, apparently.  Raul calls me his compadre, haha.  This week we are going to find out how long it will take for them to get married so they can get baptized.  They came to church this week.  Cristina was crying and thanking me the whole time.  Raul is a short fat chef who loves to joke.  He was asking me so many questions.  It was awesome.  Also, we had another investigator, Transito.  She was an older lady who came to church.  This meant we had five investigators at church this week!  It was sick!  Oh, and also, one of Elder Blood and Elder Ellis’ investigator is in love with me—whoops!  Haha.

 We also found this lady named Isabel.  We had talked to her on the street one day for one minute as we passed by her.  We said we would stop by later.  I thought nothing about it.  The next day we passed by her house again on accident, almost.  She let us in immediately and told us that she was about to cry because she just couldn’t find the peace and happiness that she was looking for.  We taught her lesson one.  I extended the invitation to get baptized and she accepted it immediately.  It’s amazing how the Lord leads us to the people who are, very literally, waiting and looking for the gospel.  This week was absolutely amazing and we hope to have even a better week this coming week.  Our goal is to have ten investigators at church, which is unheard of.  It’s amazing how the Lord answers prayers and how He directs what we say during lessons. Thoughts and words come to my mind all the time that I had never planned on saying before. I love the mission. I love it.  All of my thoughts now are on our investigators.  All I think about is what we can do as a companionship to help these people.  I have learned so much this past month.  I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life other than being a missionary.

It’s so good to hear about what’s going on at home now.  Make sure to tell Joel that it is a weekly requirement now to email me and keep me updated.  Mom beat Taryn in the 5K?  Hahahahaha.  That’s not embarrassing.  Just kidding buddy, but awesome Mom!  That’s so cool.  And I can’t believe someone donated nine hundred dollars!  That’s absolutely amazing.  Isn’t it amazing how the Lord blesses us?  I loved hearing John’s letter, too.  Can you keep sending his letters, please?  Also, let him know that he is the man and that I miss him.  Valaparaiso is doing fine with the earthquake aftermath.  Nothing is really wrong.  Everyone is fine here, but I’m sure they need a lot of help in the south.  Well I have to go, thanks for everything.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples

Here’s my letter to my mission president:

Esta carta al Presidente debe incluir los temas siguientes: 

  • ¿Como está usted y su compañero(a)?

Estamos muy bien, estamos trabajando juntos y teniendo éxito también. Estoy tan agradecido por todas mis bendiciones. Este cambio es perfecto para mí. Estoy aprendiendo mucho, no me siento como compañero menor ahora. Me siento como somos iguales y basicamente estoy aprendiendo como ser compañero mayor. Elder Suazo hace algunas cosas en una manera diferente, pero es bueno eso porque tengo que aprender cosas distinctas de todos mis compañeros. Esta semana mis oraciones fueron contestadas. Las dos semanas pasadas nos faltaron investigadores asistiendo, y esta semaña tuvimos cinco. Trabajé  tan duro esta semana, estaba nervioso al principio estar sin Elder Blood, pero estábamos muy bien esta semana. He estado aprendido mucho esta semana por el Señor. Me siento como la misión es mi hogar ahora, mis pensamientos siempre están con mis investigadores, no puedo imaginar estar en un lugar diferente.

  • Relate una experiencia espiritual personal de la semana pasada por hablar con todos. 

Estoy aprendiendo la importancia de hablar con personas aun cuando no estamos contactando. Recordé lo que los asistentes nos enseñaron durante mi primera conferencia. Siempre debemos estar buscando personas, no solamente cuando hemos planificado hacer contactos. En camino a una lección, hablamos con una mujer cuando la pasamos. No hablamos mucho con ella ese día, pero pasamos por su casa el próximo día y tocamos su puerta. Nos dejé  pasar y pusimos una fecha con ella. Nos dijo que nos estaba esperando, aunque no le dijimos que ibamos a pasar de nuevo después de nuestra primera contacta con ella. Me di cuenta que debemos dar la oportunidad a todas las personas, no importa lo que hemos planificado hacer. Siempre debemos buscar nuevos.

  • ¿Qué ha aprendido de su lectura del Libro de Mormón?

Todavía estoy aprendiendo algo nuevo cada día de las lecciones. Es maravillosa para mi porque cada día durante las lecciones, uso algo que aprendí  durante mis estudios esa mañana. A mí  me encanta 3 Nefi 27. Es perfecto para los investigadores, nos explica exactamente lo que debemos hacer en esta vida para obtener la vida eterna. También nos enseña la manera que los investigadores pueden saber de estas cosas por si mísmos (por la oración). Mi lectura está  empezando a cambiar. Cada día estoy buscando las cosas que pueden ayudar a nuestros investigadores envez de lo que yo necesito. He aprendido el amor puro de Cristo por medio de mis estudios.




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