Troy’s Letter: February 22, 2010

22 02 2010


I’m really sorry to hear about what happened. Tell Taryn that there is a reason for everything and it will all be all right.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned here, it’s that we have trials and disappointments as tests.  If we handle it well, the blessings that come are even better.  I got the Valentine’s box, and yes, everything was intact.  Thank you.  I have to make a request though.  Please don’t send any more packages—haha.  That was a very large and heavy box.  I had to carry it half way across town on a crowded Chilean bus.  That was terrible.  In the future, if you want to send something to me, handwritten letters or ties are more than enough—haha.  But…I am currently enjoying the Oreos, Poptarts, and we baked the cake this morning.  It’s back at the apartment waiting to be frosted.  We’re going to destroy it tonight.  Don’t worry about sending any more food please.  We have more than enough money for food and I might be moving to a different area next week. Which means if I do, I have to leave everything in the box behind, because I don’t have room. So…letters and ties—haha. 

Anyways, back to the mission.  It’s coming down to the wire with Marta and Juan.  They are absolutely amazing.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to be baptized.  They want to get married in order to live the law of chastity, but it’s a really long complicated story.  They can’t get married for two or more months, so they are willing to live separately.  This is tough, because they have a one-year-old girl.  All of this to get baptized!  They read the Book of Mormon every day.  They always do everything we ask.  They come to church every week, and they have attended two other baptisms. They passed their baptismal interviews Saturday.  This coming Saturday at seven p.m. is their date for being baptized.  However, it all comes down to the ward president.  He wants them to wait until they get married to be baptized—to keep the family together.  It’s a whole huge argument and a huge story.  But pretty much, we are praying a ton that the president will let them get baptized.  If it happens, then Elder Blood will be baptizing Marta, and I will be baptizing Juan—which I’m nervous about, haha.  He is a pretty tall and built Chilean.  We (4 missionaries) played Juan’s basketball team this Saturday—it was sooo fun. It was so good to finally play some sort of athletic game.  We won the first game, but then Juan’s team won the second and third time.

This was another awesome week, too.  We are finding so many people who are willing to listen.  Our numbers were great again.  We now have four investigators with dates to be baptized.  I wish I could tell all of their stories but I just don’t have time.  Changes are next week and I hope that I will be able to stay here to see what happens, but I don’t know.  Next Monday, we will all find out who is staying and who is going and who we’ll have for our next companions.  It’s going to be crazy.  But besides that, things are still progressing.  My Spanish is still getting better and better.  Now I’m taking a really active part in each lesson, and I can understand more and more of what is going on. Oftentimes people ask me how I know so much Spanish if I’ve only been here a month. But there’s still sometimes when I can’t understand someone at all. It really depends on the person.  My favorite part of everyday is the hour of personal study in the morning.  I have learned so much from Preach my Gospel. My testimony of this work has increased so much.  There’s so many times during the week when we have huge disappointments and struggles.  Then all of a sudden, something awesome happens because of that problem.  It’s amazing to see the Lord’s hand guiding us to where we need to be going and with who we need to be talking to.

I took out another 6000 pesos because our zone made T-shirts that I helped design. They are way cool!  We are celebrating because our zone absolutely dominated this month.  In February alone, if Juan and Marta’s baptism happens, we are going to have ten baptisms in our zone.  This is absolutely unheard of for one zone in one month.  We have had two zone conferences since I have been here—the last one was really awesome.  We learned all this stuff on how to improve our teaching.  Our teaching is now three times better and we are completely focused on baptism. I heard that last year, the mission made a goal to get 2009 baptisms for the year 2009—they had 2012.  Miracles happen.

I don’t have any more time, but I love you all.  It was great to hear from you.  I will send some more pictures next week.  This week is going to be a huge week, so prayers for Marta and Juan would help! 

Elder Teeples




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