Troy’s Letter: February 15, 2010

15 02 2010

Hello again–haha!

Wow I can’t believe I’m already writing again!  This is ridiculous.  This week absolutely flew by.  I seriously don’t understand how it’s already Monday again.  In three days, I will have been in Chile for a month and I feel like I just got here last week.  I love hearing from all of you.  My favorite part of the week is definitely reading all of your letters and getting caught up on what’s going on back in the states.

Alright—so every single letter that I got this week, the first thing I heard about was the Amazing Race—haha.  Cool!  Seriously, that’s pretty crazy.  They came to Valparaiso.  That’s my city!  Our sector is Valparaiso Oeste (West Valparaiso).  We’re a 20-minute bus ride away from Viña del Mar.  That’s hilarious!  There’s a funicular right outside of my window.  I probably know every part of what they were filming; in fact they probably filmed places where I’ve walked.  And no, I’ve never heard of anyone high wire walking.  That is definitely not common at all.  I’m sure Amazing Race makes up so much stuff like that.  The hills are definitely intense; we have to walk up them every single day.  Sometimes we take colectivos (taxis), but when we run out of money, we have to walk.  No one uses the funiculars.  Everyone just takes colectivos.  Did they show much of the people who live in the hills?  Some people have decent apartments.  They live in the city.  But some people have absolutely nothing that live higher up in the hills.  Most of the houses higher up have just four walls and a metal roof, with trash everywhere.  We taught in one house where it was hard for Elder Blood and me to fit in with the other two people who lived there.

But anyways, this week was another awesome week—another 34 lessons this week!  And the best part about it is Marta and Juan.  They are awesome.  We even found out that Marta smokes.  She was smoking seven a day and quit in 5 days.  It was awesome.  Juan is my favorite. He is like the tallest Chilean I’ve ever met and he plays basketball.  Elder Blood, Elder Ellis, Elder Mower (our zone leaders who we live with) and I are going to play his team.  Apparently Chileans are terrible at basketball—haha.  Marta and Juan are doing all that they can to get married.  We told them they either have to get married or live separately.  So, they are trying to get married.  Elder Blood and I might be the witnesses!  If not, then Marta is moving out. How crazy is that?  If all goes according to the plan, they will be baptized on the 27th- in twelve days!  Which, apparently, is amazing because Elder Blood and I opened up this sector and we already have baptisms on the first change.

Speaking of changes, my first change is almost over.  A change is six weeks and there are sixteen changes in the field.  This is Elder Blood’s twelfth change.  At the end of each change, a missionary gets a new assignment—a new companion and a new area in the mission.  I’m hoping that I will stay here with Elder Blood for the next change, because we have people lined up for baptism in March, too.  In two weeks I will find out where I’m going or if I’m staying.  Everyone says they are pretty sure that we will be staying here, because we work so well together. 

I’ve also heard that it isn’t until the fourth or fifth change for most missionaries before they start feeling comfortable with the language and understanding everyone. I’m not that patient—haha.  I’m waking up at six every morning to get an extra hour of studying the language in.  I’m also working on my accent.  I can understand more and more all the time, but there’s still so much that I don’t understand.  Prayers will always help.  I plan on praying for Joel and Taryn.  By the way, the vanilla milk is better that the banana milk.

Oh—I pulled out 10,000 pesos (20 dollars) to buy some ties.  How much did it take from my account?  I want to know if it charged the card extra for the exchange and how much.  We’re not allowed to use mission money to buy personal items like clothes and other stuff.  The food here is still really good.  They really like sunny side-up eggs.  They put it on everything—haha—but it’s actually really good.  Today were going out for choriso- it’s like a bunch of french fries with meat, onions, and a sunny side up egg.  Apparently, it’s really good. Salad here means tomatoes—just tomatoes.  Nothing else. Sometimes lettuce, too, that is covered in lemon juice. I’m starting to like tomatoes; I guess I have to.

Well we’ve got some other stuff to do, so I´m going to head out.  I love you all,

Elder Teeples




One response

18 02 2010
Aunt Renee

Sounds like you are having an awesome time. I love reading about your adventures. Keep them coming. Take care of yourself. Love always, Uncle Mike and Aunt Renee.

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