Troy’s Letter: November 24, 2009

11 01 2010

I hope that this is your correct email address or else I’m going to waste the next 26 minutes of my life haha. Well I can only email once a week.  My P-day is on Tuesday (different zones have different P-days here) and my email is timed. It counts down from 30 minutes as soon as I get on so I’m going to madly email as much as I can in the next 25 minutes.

Well this first week has taken forever to go by. The days have felt like weeks but I’m sure once I get into a schedule things will start to go by quickly. The first day I got here I went through a maze of paperwork and got my nametag, room key, and everything like that. My first companion was Elder Fanene, a pretty short Samoan who had a pretty hilarious laugh. Soon after I found out that Elder McClurg, who was on my basketball team at BYU was my zone leader and he assigned me to be the district leader. So I was district leader for a day until my teacher decided to test some kids in my class to see if we needed to move up.

So Elder Smith, Elder Hardisty, and I all tested to see if we needed to move up. Elder Smith and I ended up passing and became companions. We were nervous because we thought they would move us up to a district that had been here for a couple weeks but it turned out that they just created a new district with a bunch of kids who moved up from beginner to intermediate. So there were 5 Elders in my new district and so it turned out that I had 2 companions, Elder Smith and Elder Brown. There are also two hermanas (sisters) in our district and one of them is very attractive which is distracting for all of us, haha.

But yesterday another Elder (Elder Heidt) moved up to our district and became Elder Brown’s companion so I am back with just Elder Smith. So far I have had 3 different companion combinations haha you so can tell how crazy the first week is here.

My intermediate class is really, really cool. I was so bored in the beginner class because they were learning basic Spanish, like how to conjugate in the present tense. But now in this class our teachers speak Spanish, about half of the time (really quickly) and we all have to focus extremely hard just to hear what they are saying.  I have a strong testimony in the gift of tongues however. All the time it feels like we can understand our teachers just enough to know what is going on. Likewise, we have already taught the entire first lesson in Spanish, and I can bear my testimony and pray in Spanish (well getting there).

I can tell that the language is going to come quickly and the gospel is coming just as quick. So far we have just focused on the first lesson but I can tell that my companion and I are getting pretty good at teaching it. 16 minutes left. We have gym period 5 times a week for about an hour each day and I always just play pick-up games of basketball. It’s pretty fun. My district is awesome. We are all pretty close already and I can tell that we are all going to be really good friends by the end of these 9 weeks.

In beginning Spanish, you learn the language and then after 6 weeks you speak in only Spanish. However in this class, in only 3 weeks we will be speaking only Spanish. The transition will be weird but we are already trying to speak as much Spanish, as possible to prepare ourselves.

Our schedule is pretty much wake up at 630, shower, breakfast, class, lunch, class, dinner, class, fireside (sometimes) then bed haha. We have MDT during some classes, which means missionary directive time- no teachers we just learn what we want to and study as companionships. My whole life is planned out for me like every 15 minutes. Every night at 9 my companion and I plan out the next day down to the minute. It is very scheduled here and there are a lot of rules. But these rules help us because the more obedient we are the more blessings we get and the easier it is to remember what we learn.

Don’t be sad that I’m gone. I miss the family but I know that this work is important and is what I’m supposed to be doing. In an eternal perspective,

I’m taking two short years away from my family, to make sure that other families can be together for eternity.

That is a sacrifice that I am willing to make and I know that I can bless the lives of the people in Chile. I am absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. We have everything planned out to the minute and we devote everything we have to what we are studying at that time. By the time 10:30 rolls around I am absolutely exhausted, my brain is fried, and I can’t wait to fall asleep. And then somehow in the morning I wake up ready for the next day. I believe that there is some kind of time warp here because it is amazing to think how much we pack in one day. It just doesn’t seem possible. But, I’m glad that we do it.

Well today is my P-day, which means I have time to respond to letters, do laundry, and go to the temple. I’m going to respond to Taryn’s and Savannah’s letters today. Well my time is almost up, there’s so much more to tell you but I simply don’t have the time. I hope everything is going well at the house, continue to update me. And you can write emails as long as you want because I can print out your email, read it, log back on later and respond without taking any time out of my 30 minutes. Well, I will email next Tuesday again.

Hasta Luego,

Elder Teeples




One response

10 01 2010
Aunt Jeannette

Troy you are making everyone so proud. I am sure God will see you through. Your mission will be one of the most rewarding things in your life. Be safe.

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