Troy’s Letter: January 5, 2010

11 01 2010

It was so good to hear from you this week. This was an absolutely RIDICULOUS week. So much happened its crazy. I don’t know where to start. Alright I do. I got the Christmas present that you guys sent (the best one). I have to say that I was pretty touched, it was a wonderful present and it came at the perfect time. I’m so grateful for everything that you guys said in there, thank you. It was one of the nicest things that I’ve ever received for a Christmas present. Honestly, that would’ve been the only present that I needed this year. So thank you very much.

Probably the craziest thing that happened this week was ELDER CHORAK, haha. Alright so I was looking for him all day on Wednesday (the day the new missionaries come) and I couldn’t find him all day. So I was sad when I went back to our room in the night. I noticed that new missionaries had moved into our hall because the old ones left. I asked one Elder if they were in a beginner Spanish speaking district, he said yes, I asked if he knew Elder Chorak and he said yes haha. I asked him if Elder Chorak was in his district and he said yes haha. Guess what–he moved in two rooms away from me!!!hahahaha. Out of all of the 14 or 15 buildings, all of the floors in each building, and all of the rooms, Elder Chorak moved in 2 doors away from me. We freaked out haha. I couldn’t believe it. So every night I have been talking with him, he’s been filling me in on everything, and I have been giving him tips about the MTC. I still can’t get over it honestly.

But anyways, the language. WOW. haha. Spanish is truly coming to me. A perfect example is one of our appointments to teach last week- Lesson 1. Elder Smith and I got to know a teacher here and taught her Lesson 1. After we finished she asked us if we were in the advanced district! If you don’t know what that means- the advanced district are the native Spanish speakers from South and Latin America who are only here for 3 weeks. I can definitely feel your prayers and I know that the Lord is helping me gain this tool to teach the people of Chile. I have to beware of pride though because I find that when I pride myself in my Spanish I speak so much worse the next day or appointment. It really is humbling.

So speaking of Spanish our district got a new teacher and somehow he inspired us to make an obscene goal- no more English. Like seriously, no more. I don’t know how he convinced us to do it. But we started yesterday. So I haven’t spoken English since Sunday and I don’t plan to for the next 2 weeks. And I probably won’t be speaking much in Chile so probably for the next 23 months haha. Except my phone call home, that will be a nice break. Thank you for your prayers for Spanish, they are helping but I still need them! I still have a long ways to go.

So less than 2 weeks! 2 weeks from yesterday I will be getting on a plane to go to Chile. I just got a letter from my friend who left the MTC for Vina del Mar like 4 weeks ago. He said he had no idea what anyone in Chile was saying because they speak so ridiculously fast and leave off all of their s’s. So really the prayers I need are to adapt to Chilean Spanish, haha. Sometime this week we will be receiving our flight plans in the mail. That is going to be a glorious moment. I will let you know next week the details of my travel plans to Chile.

So pretty much my district excels in every way haha. We have this ridiculous goal while no one else here tries to speak it in their free time. We also have a goal to teach 20 lessons this week. 20. Most districts will teach one or two if they get around to it. I know that the district that I have and the teachers I have are a gift from God, I know that I really am getting as prepared as I possibly can be for Chile.

So I didn’t send a letter home last week because I didn’t have time, and I don’t think I will have time to send a letter home this week so I’m sorry. I have a lot of letters to write and a lot of Spanish, skills that I need to dominate by the end of today. OH something cool that I left out is that my district was randomly chosen to be hosts this week. So that will be fun. It’s weird to be an expert here at the MTC and actually be the host instead of being the one dropped off. I have to admit, when we were walking to the temple this morning, Elder Smith and I passed a couple and they said good morning, Elders. THAT was weird haha. Being known as a missionary by real people. Weird.

So I don’t know all the details about my call home but it looks like I am going to need a calling card. I don’t know how much time I will be able to call home for but I here its super expensive if I use my debit card so I think a calling card would be the best way to go. I’m going to be sending a package home soon with the stuff that is taking up weight and that I don’t absolutely need for Chile. Unfortunately I think I will be sending home my footie pajamas- I will have to save them for college. They were a big hit with Elder Chorak’s district haha. It was super awesome to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Elder Chorak and the Elders in my room haha. Awesome. But of course we celebrated the countdown at 10 because we had to be in bed by 1030. But it was 12 in NYC so it’s all good, haha.

I will send home another memory card with some more pictures in it and a picture you can use for my plaque. Remember that I don’t really care what picture it is haha it really doesn’t mean that much to me. But my time is running out. I love you all and thanks for all the prayers. I will talk to you in 13 days. 13 days till Chile!

Peace out,

Elder Teeples




2 responses

10 01 2010

I love reading Troy’s letters. He is such an inspiration, and his personalitly still shines through. He sent us a letter. Would you like me to send you a copy?
Love you and thank you for sharing.

11 01 2010

That would be great, Shelly!

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