Troy’s Letter: December 1, 2009

11 01 2010

I don’t have much time again so I’m going to attempt to respond to everything you said and write as much as I can of what happened this week. And what a week it was haha.

Sorry about the confusion about P-day, My p-day is Tuesday now because I moved districts and this district that I’m in has Tuesday for a P-day. I should have explained that better. P-day is far from a relaxing “preparation” day haha. There is so much stuff we have to do today that we can only do today it’s so hard to cram it all in. We’re constantly running from the computers to the laundry to the bookstore and writing letters all along the way. My least favorite day is P-day, the only part that is relaxing about it is the temple in the morning.

But anyways the MTC is amazing. There hasn’t been one day gone by that I haven’t felt the spirit in extremely strong abundance. I can feel the prayers of everyone back home and I thank you guys so much for keeping me in your prayers. I would say the hardest part of the MTC is only being able to write letters on Pday. I’ve gotten letters from Kelley, Sidney, Karen, and Brooke and you guys and I have to respond to everyone on one day. Of course I spend the most time responding to you guys.

Dad I’m glad you’re calling is going well. I think that there will be more work involved in it soon that you don’t realize yet. Or else it’s preparing you for a future calling which will take much more of your time. I have no doubt of that. I’m glad that you are talking to the Cummocks about the temple soon, I have a strong testimony of the temple and the work done in there. The Provo temple is definitely one of the busiest in the world. Every room is like 3 times bigger than the one in Denver and there are just hundreds of people inside at any given time.

I can’t believe I missed everyone home for Thanksgiving. It’s sad that I didn’t get to see the extended family and hang out with Joel and Raffi (hahahaha) totally wish I could have been there for that whole mess. I want to hear more details about that. But thanksgiving here was pretty basic. It wasn’t much different to be honest except we got a long lunch. I had burnt toast and cereal. No just kidding haha they gave us turkey and the works but it wasn’t the same as being home at all.

Definitely the best parts of this week were listening to the 2 apostles who came! Elder Oaks gave an awesome talk on Tuesday about the challenges of a missionary and gave us some council on how to overcome them. Then, my favorite, Elder Holland gave a powerful address to us all on Thursday. He answered basic missionary questions and told us how to be a perfectly obedient disciple and how it would change our missions, and with that the rest of our lives.

Tell Emily good job on her play I’m sure it went well, it looked awesome from what I saw and I know that it must have been great. Tell matt to quit wrestling and start skiing already. Losing 9 pounds after thanksgiving is not worth it, trust me I’ve done it haha.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be home to see the whole family. Tell Aunt Shelly that I love her, Gabe, and Uncle Aric good job on hunting the buck. I’m sure that Thanksgiving week was pretty full of crazy stuff going on.

I’m glad Taryn is finding a job that is awesome. Working at Old Navy is hardly as cool as being a janitor, haha.  Get some money, Taryn.  You will need it. And don’t spend 1000 dollars on clothes like Joel, what an idiot haha.

Well my district is pretty much awesome. I love everyone in it and I can’t imagine being in any other district. I was apprehensive about moving up at the time but now I realize that the Lord’s hand is in everything. Our district now consists of 3 elder companionships and 1 sister companionship. My companion, Elder Smith is pretty funny and really easy to get along with. One of my best friends in the District is definitely Elder Brown though, he is so loving and hilarious and he is going to be running at BYU when we both get back so I’m sure we will be pretty good friends after the mission.

One thing to tell you about pictures. I can’t look at pictures on the internet or send them through email. If I send pictures home I have to go print them out from my memory card in the bookstore. That takes a lot of time and money so I’m thinking maybe you should just send up another memory card, and I’ll send home a memory card every week, you can upload it and send it back, I’ll send the other one home and so forth.. does that sound okay? if yes send another memory card and if no just write me a letter telling me to go print out my pictures and mail them home. If you’re going to send me pictures you have to mail them or send them in a package.

And clothes: it would be nice to have another pair of shorts (my BYU ones) and some more shirts to work out in- like my runners roost one and my state track one would be nice and some more pairs of black socks would be awesome. I hate working out every day in the same two shirts I brought.

And for Christmas, some ties would be nice, and ones that match my suits. Here at the MTC we can only wear our suits so I haven’t even used my slacks yet. (I’m glad I brought two suits, some elders only needed one and they have to wear the same suit everyday for 9 weeks). If you want to send some food or stuff for Christmas that would be nice, but don’t send food all the time. One thing I don’t need here is more food haha. A lot of people gain weight here, there are like competitions in districts to see who has gained the most. Sadly, I haven’t gained any, probably because during gym I’m playing some intense soccer.

This week class has been pretty basic. A lot of Lesson one. Elder Smith and I have been practicing teaching a lot of “investigators” lesson one. Investigators meaning, volunteers, other missionaries, or other teachers. One really cool thing we did this week was in the RC. That’s where we get to put on headphones and take in incoming calls and chats online. We also call out to people who order stuff and make sure they get it and teach if possible. On one call I had the opportunity to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon, which was awesome.

Well I’m running out of time so everything I couldn’t include in here I will write home next week. Make sure Savannah has changed my addresses on facebook if she hasn’t yet. I miss you all and I’m so thankful for the packages that you are sending. It’s wonderful to get mail and packages. Make sure to tell John, Austin, and Joel that I want to hear from them.

OH and tomorrow we are speaking only Spanish, all day- from when we get up to when we go to sleep. It will be an interesting day. All of our classes will be in entire Spanish, in about 2 weeks. I have a very strong testimony of the gift of tongues, the language is coming so fast it’s ridiculous. We can almost teach the entire first lesson in Spanish, all ready. Well my hand is killing me and my time is up.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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